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Private Property Impounds

Private property impounds, also known as PPI towing is a service we offer for personal property owners. If some one has abandoned a vehicle on your property, law allows a licensed towing company with in that county to post it with a 72hr notice. If the registered owner does not remove the vehicle before the 72 hour notice expires, then the posted towing company may remove it free of charge to the property owner. The registered owner of the vehicle will be completely responsible for all the towing and storage charges accumulated. There are certain laws that must be followed to protect the property owner and the registered vehicle owner to perform a PPI lawfully. Call Rapid Roadside Services at 503-369-2260 today so we can discus the details of the abandoned vehicle on your property.

Contract Towing

Contract towing is a service that provides business owners with the ability to have a improperly parked, unauthorized or abandoned vehicle removed immediately. Unlike PPI towing that has a waiting time of 72 hours before it can be legally removed. A written contact is mandatory for this type of towing that authorizes only specifically named individuals to sign and approve the contracted tow company to remove and store the vehicle. If you are interested in posting you business legally, please contact Rapid Roadside Services at 503-369-2260 so we can discuss your parking situation at your place of business .

Tips: How to locate your vehicle.

Here is a quick tip if you are looking for a vehicle that has been lawfully towed or impounded.

Towing company's that have performed a repossession or removed a improperly parked/abandoned vehicle are required to notify local police within one hour of the tow. Try calling the Non Emergency Dispatch phone number for Police located in the local phone book under Police Departments. They should be able to provide you with the name of the company who towed your vehicle.



Impound Release Info

To retrieve a vehicle you will need the following:

  • A valid driver’s license or a government issued photo ID.
  • Proof of ownership as stated on vehicle registration with matching ID. (bill of sale will not be accepted as proof of ownership)
  • Proof of current insurance on impounded vehicle if it is to be driven away.
  • All impound fees must be paid in full with cash before vehicle will be released to registered owner.