Our Story

Lets see, I would like to start by telling you what truly drives us here at Rapid Roadside Services. Well that's pretty easy, its you, the customer. I will try to keep it short in hopes of not boring you to much.

My wife and I have always enjoyed helping people in their time of immediate need. When we finally decided to venture into a small privately owned business for our self's in August of 2010, we knew exactly how we could help others. With our passion together and my professional knowledge of the towing and automotive transport industry, it was an obvious decision what we needed to provide to our community. A towing and roadside assistance company came to mind and was most certainly the answer. With goals of providing all our customers with not only an outstanding personal experience, very quick response times, friendly service in a professional manner, and the knowledge and tooling needed for their particular situation. After all, we believe all people deserve a reliable, trustworthy company that will be there for them when they need it most.

After seven months of careful planning, we were finally there. In March of 2011 we opened Rapid Roadside Services llc offering our local community a service that specializes in roadside assistance . This is a business that focuses on you and driven by your satisfaction. By focusing on you, the customer, you get our undivided attention so we are able to offer you what you need, when you need it.

We chose the name "Rapid" for our goals of a quick response time, and the words "Roadside Services" so people would know they could count on us no matter where their vehicle became disabled. The heart of our business is the operation of three very versatile tow trucks, one with a modern self loading wheel lift system, another one being a car carrier other wise known as a roll back or flatbed and the third being a medium duty wrecker/recovery truck.  The flatbed tow truck is capable of hauling two vehicles at one time while the self loader can maneuver in very tight restricted areas. Our third truck (medium duty wrecker) does all the tough winch outs from ditches to deep canyons. All three tow trucks are equipped with the tooling necessary to provide the best possible roadside assistance and recovery available in our community. Services include but not limited to towing, winching, lockouts, jump start and more. 

With all that being said, we would be pleased if we could assist you if you are ever in need of a reliable roadside assistant company. We will treat each and every vehicle as if it is our own.